About the author


Born in South America and raised in the USA, Joseph Armillas has lived a very interesting life. His parents who were both show business performers traveled extensively throughout the world. His early memories are of constantly boarding planes, trains and automobiles and meeting a fascinating variety of characters while he traveled along with his parents who were constantly touring.

An actor and a musician, Joseph began showing his multitalented personality early on. He formed his first band while in High school and signed his first record deal when he was fifteen years old. After a three year stint with the US Army, Joseph returned to New York City where he began his professional acting and musical career. He’s performed on and Off Broadway and ran and operated a recording studio in lower Manhattan, N.Y. for sixteen years.


In 1991 Joseph moved to Los Angeles California where he still resides to this day.


A science fiction fan since early childhood, Joseph began writing short science fiction stories while in grammar school. The genesis of the Plantanimus Trilogy came from a recurring dream that he experienced over three consecutive nights during the summer of 2000. Though some of the complex aspects of the story have changed over the eleven years that it took him to write the three books, the basic plot has remained close to the original “dream”.


Joseph has trained himself to “lucid dream“ and says that this ability to experience dreams in a semi-awake state, gives him many ideas for his writing.


Joseph is currently working on the sequel to the Plantanimus Trilogy. The fourth and final book of the Plantanimus saga is entitled “Reunion”.