A synopses of the three Plantanimus Trilogy Books

The Plantanimus Trilogy tells the adventurous journey of Kelem Rogeston, a unique individual who is the first member of the Sixth Root Race, the next step in the evolution of humanity. Kelem is a highly gifted genius and a powerful psychic who invents the n’time generator, a device that will allow mankind to travel to the stars. Kelem overcomes adversity as he fights against The Phalanx, an evil fascist organization from Earth bent on stealing the n’time technology and invading Mars with plans to turn the planet into a slave colony for Mother Earth. Kelem travels to Plantanimus where he meets the Dreamers, a race of giant sentient plant-beings who are telepathic. In Plantanimus Kelem expands his already incredible powers and learns the true meaning of consciousness. After six years on Plantanimus, Kelem returns to Mars to find that The Phalanx has invaded the red planet and now rules its people with an iron fist. Kelem organizes a rebellion and succeeds in liberating Mars from the evil clutches of The Phalanx. After liberating Mars he returns to Plantanimus and lives there for many years. Two Centuries later Alexei Rogeston, a distant relative of Kelem is fighting against the Gulax a reptile species waging a war against the Tarsians (a humanoid species). Humans have allied with the Tarsians and fight alongside them against the Gulax. Alexei meets the beautiful and exotic Princess Kani, daughter of the King of Tarsia. Together they struggle against interspecies prejudice, betrayal from within and eventually succeed in bringing the Gulax War to a peaceful end. After the war Alexei and Kani travel to Plantanimus and meet Kelem Rogeston who has been transformed into a “Plantanimal”, (half human, half plant) by the Dreamers. Alexei and Kani live the rest of their lives on Plantanimus and raise ten lovely children there, the first true generation of Sixth Root Race humans.